Landscape Design
Offering plants and ideas that enhance the environment. On-site consultation, quote and sketch of plant placement $150.

Our professional work crew can landscape your entire garden. Contact us today for a consultation. 

Invasive Plant Removal Reward Program
Check out the invasive plant website on the "Resources" page. Then, bring in an invasive "bad" plant and in return, receive a $5 credit towards a "good" plant.

"I just LOVE what you did and many neighbors are coming around-HOA (Home Owners Association) had to approve it!!"
A. Baker in a Jacksonville Gated Community. The new planting removed St. Augustine grass and replaced it with mostly natives.

"I just love my new garden - the fragrances are wonderful. The birds are singing and the azalea (a large white standard) is a beautiful plant. I'm very pleased, so thank you again."
C. Cummer June 2010





Darrows Blueberry


Cardinal Flower


Fringe Tree

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