Darrows Blueberry



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For more information about native plants and their benefits, click on the links below:

Jacksonville Home Improvement users can find some of the best home improvement contractors in Florida to carry out the job.

For information about Florida's billboard laws and what you can do to help, click on links below.

For more information about Florida's invasive plants, click on the links below. There are numerous informational links available in this site explaining all about invasive plants and what you do not want to have in your garden.


Other environmental groups you might be interested in are:

For bird lovers, visit Wild Birds Unlimited to check out their variety of feeders, birdfood, baths, and other delights for our feathered friends.

Integrated pest management (IPM) tips available at

For those who are traveling, check out the local botanical gardens on this list from wikipedia.org.



Cardinal Flower


Fringe Tree

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